Responsible Gambling

For the majority of people, gambling is an entertaining and exciting past time that does not present any problems. Some people do find it difficult to control the amount that they are playing, and due to the financial implications of excessive gambling this can develop into a very serious problem. We do not want any of our players to ever encounter this problem, and we have options available to any player who feels that that they cannot control the amount they are spending: Ensure that the decision to gamble is your personal choice and always establish what constitutes an acceptable loss before starting to gamble.
Responsible Gambling

Never Gamble If

You should never gamble if:

  • You are younger than the legal gambling age.
  • It interferes with your work or other responsibilities.
  • You are in recovery for addictive disorders or dependencies.
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • You are attempting to make up for prior gambling losses.

Underage Gambling

Our Casino is not designed to attract children and we aggressively discourage and track minors who attempt to play at our Casino.

If young people have access to a computer with casino software, we encourage you to:

  • Install child protection software.
  • Not leave children unattended near your computer when your casino software is running.
  • Password-protect your casino program.
  • Not allow persons under 18 to participate in any gambling activity.
  • Keep your High Noon Casino Username, Password and Credit Card(s) out of the reach of children.
  • Educate your children about the legality and the potential damage of underage gambling.